Boughter's Lawn Care Services. Fertilizing in New Castle, PA 16101 - 16105

In response to the COVID-19 / Coronavirus pandemic

Hello friends,

Boughter’s Lawn Care Services takes your safety seriously. With the recent events surrounding the pandeminc COVID-19 outbreak we have redoubled our diligence to protect you, our customer, our staff and, by extension, the community.

In response to official recommendations, while services will continue, the physical office is closed to the public.

We are limiting personal contact as much as possible. Masks, gloves and any other appropriate protective gear will be used. We have instituted a no-knock policy and request that, if there are questions or suggestions, emails or phone calls be used rather than personal visits. Invoices will be prepared and delivered using gloves. We suggest that you sign up for email invoices rather than physical delivery. We will not work if anyone in the immediate family shows any symptoms or believes they have been exposed.

If you have any questions in regards to these precautions or concerning your account, please feel free to call or email.