Boughter's Lawn Care Services. Fertilizing in New Castle, PA 16101 - 16105

Information concerning your lawn care schedule

  • Round 1
    • Occurs near the end of March. Weather permitting, of course.
    • Helps the lawn recover from the harsh winter months.
    • Includes slow-release fertilizer and crabgrass control.
    • We now include a foliar spray to unlock the tied-up nutrients that already exist in the soil, turning them into plant usable nutrition. The benefits are deeper, stronger roots, more resilient turf, and longer lasting color.
  • Round 2
    • Occurs around mid-May.
    • Includes slow-release fertilizer, weed control and crabgrass control.
    • Helps to suppress summer annual weeds.
  • Round 3
    • Occurs around the weeks leading up to July 4th.
    • Includes slow-release fertilizer and weed control.
    • Is the application that can include grub control if you require it.
  • Round 4
    • Occurs in mid-August.
    • Includes slow-release fertilizer and weed control.
    • Is good for lawns that irrigate.
    • May be applied to all lawns if the weather is agreeable (1″ of rain per week and not too hot).
    • Should only be skipped by lawns that get grub control.
  • Round 5
    • Occurs in early October
    • Includes slow-release fertilizer but weed control may be applied if the first frost hasn’t occurred.
    • Adds nutrients to the soil to protect the lawn roots and gives the grass enough energy to survive until spring.
    • Is widely considered the most important application for the health of your lawn.

Fertilization will take precedence over mowing for the foreseeable future. Best efforts will be made to keep the schedule stable but there will be times when mowing will be pushed to a different day of the week to keep the fertilization timed properly.