Boughter's Lawn Care Services. Mowing and fertilizing in New Castle, PA 16101 - 16105

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Services provided

Lawn mowing

Lawns will be mowed weekly. Proper cultural practices are strictly maintained, which means that lawns will be mowed at their optimum height (usually 3″), blades will be kept sharp, clippings will be mulched back into the lawn as bagging is avoided when possible, mowing direction will be alternated to eliminate ruts and extra mowings will be offered in the Spring so that no more than 30% of the grass height is removed in one mowing.

Edges will be trimmed using a string trimmer and all hard surfaces will be cleared of all clippings using a blower.

Lawn fertilizing

Four lawn applications are offered per year. Spring, early Summer, late Summer and Autumn. High grade fertilizer with various formulations optimized to the timing of the application and needs of the lawn will be applied. Slow release granular fertilizer is used as it lasts longer and has a much lower burn potential for your lawn.

Weed control

Liquid selective weed control is applied along with lawn fertilizer but only as needed. No more than two complete coverage sprayings will occur per year. Spot spraying is preferred as it only applies what is necessary for the job at hand.

The Spring fertilizer application includes pre-emergent summer annual control. A commonly known summer annual is crabgrass which can be prevented by pre-emergents and not scalping the lawn.

Lawn insect and disease control

Lawn problems will be diagnosed and a treatment offered. Both preventative and curative measures will be employed. Grub control is offered with the early Summer fertilizer application.

Lawn Aeration

There are many benefits to core aeration including lessening soil compaction, controlling thatch build up, increasing water and nutrient uptake, improving rooting, increasing heat and drought stress tolerance, etc.

Aeration can be performed at any time in the growing season as long as the soil is moist enough for tine penetration.

Autumn leaf removal

Leaves will be mulched back into the soil within reason. Excessive leaf material will be removed. Customers that allow the excess leaves to be discreetly placed at a chosen location on their property will not incur any dumping fees. Dumping fees will be kept to a minimum by removing only what is necessary and combining as many properties as possible into each hauling.

Leaf removals are performed by request only and a limited number of leaf removal job slots are available each year.