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Paying sales tax on lawn care

Recently more than one customer has asked me why I charge tax on mowing. The implication was that there is no tax on services in PA.

What does the law say about paying taxes on mowing? Let’s find out …

PA code ยง 55.6. Lawn care services part (c)(2) states that mowing is a taxable service in Pennsylvania.

The following are taxable lawn care services:

  • Fertilizing lawns.
  • Mowing, trimming, cutting or edging lawns.
  • Dethatching lawns.
  • Applying herbicides, insecticides or fungicides to lawns.
  • Raking grass on lawns.
  • Applying treatments for weed, pest, insect or disease control to lawns.
  • Watering lawns.
  • Applying lime to lawns.
  • Aerating lawns.

I do follow the state code and I do charge sales tax for my services. If you are not paying sales tax to your lawn care provider then they are most likely neither licensed nor insured.