Boughter's Lawn Care Services. Fertilizing in New Castle, PA 16101 - 16105

Lawn fertilizing

I offer up to five fertilizer applications per year. However, the most popular program includes four (see scheduling). High grade fertilizer with various formulations optimized to the timing of the application and needs of the lawn will be applied. Slow release granular fertilizer is used as it lasts longer and has a much lower burn potential for your lawn during hotter weather.

While the other fertilizing businesses in town are scrambling to find the cheapest fertilizer to increase their bottom line, I am searching for the absolute best products that will make your lawn the best it can possibly be.  I include water conditioners in all my sprays to make them more effective and soil conditioners to increase natural microbial activity to allow the lawn to use more of what I apply.  The results are a healthier and greener lawn.