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Due to the upcoming hot weather, it is highly suggested that you begin watering your lawn. Regular fertilizer applications work best with deep and infrequent watering. Grub control applications require watering in to activate the product.

It is normal for grass to go dormant in very hot weather as we have a mixture of mostly cool season grasses in our Pennsylvania lawns. Kentucky bluegrass, rye and fine fescues will go dormant without watering.

Raising your mower deck helps a lot during hot weather. This help to shade the crown of the grass plant and allows for deeper rooting. I personally mow my lawn at 4 - 4.5” during the summer.

Seeding is not recommended at this time. It is best to wait for the summer temperatures to drop as fall approaches.

As always, do not bag your lawn clippings. Mulching or going over the lawn a second time to disperse the clippings is greatly beneficial.

Feel free to call, text or email if you have any questions or concerns.

Boughter’s Lawn Care Services of New Castle, PA.

Boughter’s Lawn Care Services is dedicated to excellence in service, integrity in operations and reliability to customers.  In other words, no corners will be cut, no unnecessary services will be performed and I will be there when I say.

Your lawn will be treated as if it were my own. A picture of my lawn. Full-service lawn fertilizing, control of weeds and insects are my specialties.

I am licensed by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture for pesticide application and I am fully insured.

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I was born and raised in New Castle, PA so I have a strong attachment to the people here. I’m dedicated to improving our city, one lawn at a time.